Backfilling high voltage power lines in USA

Application description:

Originally at this job site the trench was planned to fill with off-site material, but suddenly the job specs changed and the back fill requirements tightened to maximum 1,9 cm (0,7 inch) in diameter.

The solution, ALLU Screening bucket, was found from the Internet and the model DNS 2-12 with 15 mm drums was selected with ALLU personnel to do the job.

The original plan would have required additional equipment rental for back filling and purchase of the new fill material. In addition gravel base for heavy machinery or bull dozers would have been needed. All this would have caused remarkable extra costs.

All problems were solved with ALLU Screening bucket. The already rented excavator could be equipped with the screening bucket and no additional labor was required. The savings compared to the original plan were substantial.

The 3 km (10 000 feet) long trench was back filled in record time and customer was extremely happy.

Technical information:




ALLU DNS 2-12/15mm screening bucket



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