Screening Bucket for fine screening

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D –series Screening Bucket for fine screening

ALLU D –series fine screening bucket can be mounted to 4 – 30 t wheel loaders or 10 – 45 t excavators. These buckets are equipped with Disc in Disc drum design and they can sieve either 0 – 15, 0 – 25 or 0 – 35 mm end product size.

ALLU Screening Bucket can screen, aerate, mix, separate, feed and load different materials in one step operation. ALLU Screening Bucket is an excellent tool for handling e.g. different soils, waste, compost...

ALLU D –series fine screening buckets are excellent choice when the end product needs to be fine.

DL –series Screening Bucket for compact base machines

ALLU DL –series screening buckets can be mounted to max 12 t excavators or max 8 t loaders, tractors and backhoe loaders.

The core of the new ALLU DL –series screening bucket is the unique top screen where the screening blades spin between the top screen combs. The end product size is defined by the space between the combs.

Top screen benefits:

  • clog free structure that ensures good capacity, even with wet materials
  • top screen combs carry most of the material weight, this way the drums and bearings have less impact and load
  • changeable wearing parts (screening blades and top screen combs) lower the operating costs
  • simple structure → easy maintenance

ALLU DL –screening buckets are excellent choice for screening top soil, peat and compost. It’s a perfect tool for landscaping and padding on smaller cable and pipeline job sites.