Allu at Entreprend Live and Load Up North

23 August 2019
Allu at Entreprend Live and Load Up North

An impressive range of Allu Transformer solutions perfect for the requirements of the construction, recycling, extraction and mineral processing industries, will be exhibited and demonstrated at Entreprend Live 2019. Additionally, Allu will also be exhibiting at Load Up North at the end of August.

From the 12 – 14 September, 2019, Entreprend Live will be held in Ring Knutstorp, Kågeröd Skåne, Sweden. With its large dedicated exhibition space, the show, ‘Sweden’s most complete construction exhibition’, aims to display a wide spectrum of products and services for contractors and professional service providers. In addition to this leading show, Allu will also be exhibiting at ‘Load Up North’ from the 29 – 31 August in Nolia, Umeå, Sweden.

The ideal solution for the industry

The Allu Transformer Series will be the main focus of Allu’s offering at both shows. This comprises of an excavator/ loader/ tractor mounted processing attachment which screens, pulverizes, aerates, blends, mixes, separates, even crushes, feeds and loads materials. This results in the feed material being effectively transformed into highly valuable products, making any business involved in material handling and processing, more efficient, and more profitable.

Extensive offering

Given the importance of Entreprend Live and Load Up North, Allu will be presenting a full range of equipment. The impressive line-up will comprise of a selection of Allu’s offering including:

  • D and DL series for basic machines from 2t to 45t
  • UAM Proline compactor series: machines from 1.5t to 60t standard compactors used for pipeline laying
  • DL attached to an 8t excavator screening of top soil, soil improvement, aerating compost etc
  • Allu New TS blade structure with three fragment sizes
  • IoT Allu App

The Allu stands at Entreprend Live and Load Up North will be located at:

  • Entreprend Live: 807
  • Load Up North: 1034

With the widest and most advanced range of attachments on the market, the Allu range enables businesses to choose the right piece of equipment to meet their very particular requirements. We look forward to showing at first-hand how we can help any business transform more than just its profits.