ALLU introduce new and upgraded mobile App

23 April 2019
ALLU mobile app

New App utilizes Internet of Things technology to boost productivity, safety and customer service

ALLU have unveiled their new and upgraded mobile App featuring new functions aimed at helping to improve customers’ productivity and job site safety, whilst also providing enhanced customer service.

The latest version of the App provides an intelligent digital solution that allows customers and operators to obtain accurate and timely information regarding safe operations at job sites. The App accomplishes this whenever a mobile online service is available, through accessing information that is relevant to the serial number of the attachment.  

Using IoT technology, the ALLU App provides information about the working hours and the right angle of inclination with ALLU Transformer. Moreover, to maintain maximum productivity on site and minimize equipment downtime, the App provides information about the ideal maintenance frequency and the changing of wear parts, based on the working hours.

‘With these new features, the ALLU App allows more efficient customer service, now that the specific product information is also available for the customer,’ said ALLU support manager Jukka Parviainen.

The ALLU App provides instructions to guide the operator through safe working methods when using the ALLU attachment throughout the whole operating and ownership process.  The App also provides specific information about different job site applications and how best to utilize ALLU equipment, ensuring that the very best performance is obtained from the attachment. This is facilitated through accessing quick guides ranging from set-up, installation and operations, with the operating manual always being on hand.

Features and benefits of the ALLU App include:

  • Connects the serial number to relevant data
  • Matches the base machine (wheel loader or excavator) to the attachment being used
  • Notes specific applications to the model and correct working angle
  • Provides access to relevant pictures, videos and safety guide
  • Facilitates proactive servicing and maintenance
  • Links to closest ALLU dealer and ALLU Finland contact information
  • Allows access to operational and installation guides.

The ALLU App can be downloaded, free of charge, from the AppStore and PlayStore.