ALLU presents new innovations at Bauma 2013

11 February 2013

ALLU has years of experience in fore running and inventing new methods and equipment for earthmoving sector. This year Finland origin ALLU brings new innovations to the market again. With mass stabilisation, which is still quite a new method, soft soil masses and even contaminated soils can be transformed into solid and usable land. With the new ALLU 3D Positioning System mass stabilisation work can be performed more accurately and easily than ever before. Also ALLU Screener Crusher family is expanding with new models and in addition new screening technology for bucket type screening devices will be launched too. ALLU presents its Screener Crushers and Stabilisation Systems at Bauma at open air area F7 stand number N718/2.

New equipment for Mass Stabilisation

Mass stabilisation is a method for strengthening soft soils. It can also be used for processing contaminated material by encapsulating the soil in situ and thus preventing the contaminant from spreading into the surrounding areas. Currently the most popular use of mass stabilisation technology is in road construction projects and harbours, however more recently many clients globally are exploring the technique for processing difficult to handle sludge’s, as an alternative to more expensive methods currently being used (e.g. mass change).


The mass stabilisation process is carried out by feeding dry powder like binder from a pressure feeder via hose to the mixing head mounted on an excavator. The mixing head is positioned to the right place on the work area with the help of the new ALLU 3D Positioning System. The ALLU 3D Positioning System consists of 4 modules: computer unit with software, touch screen, base station and gps-sensor utilizing gps -signals.

The new ALLU 3D Positioning System guides the base machine operator to feed right amount of binder and to mix adequately each block of the site. It also tells when to change location and start stabilising from another point. Thus it eases the performance of the mixing work, ensures homogenous mixing results and accurate binder feeding as well as reduces the consumption of the binder. As the end result higher quality and better job site economy can be reached. With the new system the location of the ALLU PM/PMX Mixing Head inside the ground is exactly known. The new ALLU 3D Positioning System can be mounted on every ALLU Stabilisation System, new or old.

New fine screening technology and screening buckets for lighter base machines

The ALLU Screener Crusher D -series is divided into two main categories: screening & crushing and fine screening. Now at Bauma ALLU presents new screening concept for bucket type fine screening. With totally new screening design also wet materials can be screened down to a fine fragment size, like 15 or 25 mm minus, with high productivity. With the new design vaulting or bridging between the screening discs can be minimised.


ALLU also widens its product range to cover smaller base machines too by introducing three new fine screening bucket models for excavators under 12 t and wheel loaders max 5 t. The complete ALLU D –series product program includes now models for 5 – 45 t excavators and 2 – 30 t wheeled loaders. ALLU buckets can be installed also on backhoes, skid steers and telescopic loaders.

Customers will benefit from ALLU’s revolutionary approach, reduce the costs and increase the profitability. The new expanded range offers now a complete solution of material processing from fine screening to screening & crushing as well as for soil remediation and stabilisation. The varied solutions offered by ALLU are endless.