ALLU Transformer M-Series screening nickel ore in Brazil

6 December 2017

An area that has particularly seen the benefits of the ALLU Transformer range has been in surface mining operations. As the Transformer is essentially designed to fit an excavator or loading shovel, this has made the equipment ideal for large scale surface mining operations, where transportability and productivity are essential requirements of material handling equipment.

With many units now working throughout Brazil, supplied through dealer Máquina Solo, one such application has seen the ALLU Transformer M-Series being used at a nickel mine, screening chalcedony directly in the mine, in order to upgrade the nickel concentration on the processed material. This particular model was chosen due to its high mobility and functionality in screening the material in-situ, instead of loading onto trucks, then transporting the material to stationary screening plant, and then re-transporting the material back to where it originally came from. This has meant the company has been able to replace its stationary screening equipment, freeing up resources as well as enjoying greater flexibility in its operations.

“The ALLU Transformer M-Series has proved to be ideal for soft rock surface mining applications in Brazil (and elsewhere) as it can easily handle in ‘one-step’ any materials within its range. It can screen any type of material, and by applying the correct amount of crushing force together with the correct drum type, the attachment also efficiently separates hard unwanted waste materials in the rock mass, while crushing the soft material. By adapting to the processing needs and rock mass it encounters, the attachment boosts productivity, through delivering operational efficiency.”

“Different drum configurations of 50 mm and 75 mm mean differing fragment sizes may be processed with high productivity in ‘one step’. The entire process is fully mobile, and can replace conventional crushing and screening plants in many cases such has been found in Brazil.”