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ALLU Soil Improvement is versatile, efficient, and cost-efficient material mixing and soil stabilization technology. It is equipment you will wish you would have found sooner.

Mainly used across Civil engineering projects, Costal facilities, solidification, and contaminated site remediation we have your aspect covered.


The ALLU Processor is a power mixer attachment for conventional excavators.

This attachment converts the excavator into a powerful and versatile mixing tool capable of penetrating and effectively mixing a variety of difficult materials – everything from clay, silt, peat, sludge and sediment, to dredged material and contaminated soil.

ALLU processor
ALLU pressure feeders 7+7


The ALLU PF Pressure Feeder is a self-contained, two-tank, pneumatic-based dry binder delivery system.

It uses an on-board air compressor to pressurize a tank of binder and deliver it in dry form. Delivering and mixing binder in dry form conserves the “drying” capacity of a binder. It’s a highly cost-effective solution when wet soil or sediment needs to be stabilized.

The computer-controlled feed enables the binder to be added precisely, which reduces costs and increases quality on the jobsite.


ALLU’s Soil Stabilisation System consists of a pressure feeder, a power mixing unit and a control system.

The whole process is monitored via ALLU DAC that measures, controls and reports actions made. With this machinery, you’ll be able to harden soft soil by adding binder to the ground. In addition to this the equipment works perfectly for processing and encapsulating contaminated materials.

ALLU Pressure feeder and ALLU Processor
ALLU pressure feeder 7+7 mobile feeder



The ALLU PF 7+7 is a self contained mobile feeder for deep dry mixing, the track driven feeder is completely road legal and easy to transport on a low bed trailer making it extremely mobile. Fast setup on jobsite results in less down-time and the large air capacity gives improved productivity.


  • Remote controlled for safe and easy loading and unloading
  • Maximum column depth 8 m ( 25 ft.)
  • Long feed distance (max 200 m (656 ft.)) Adjustable feed rate
  • Can bus control system
  • Easy feed data access and transfer to outside control system

Technical specifications

ALLU Processor 300HD
Working depth 3 m (10 ft)
Hydraulics – max pressure 350 bar (5000 psi)
Hydraulics – max flow 300 l / min (79 US gallon / min)
Hydraulics – max power 160 kW
Torque 12,000 kg
Weight 2,400 kg
Base machine 24-25 t
Working Depth 5 m (16 ft)
Max. Pressure 350 bar (5000 psi)
Max. Flow 200 l / min (53 US gallon / min)
Max. Power 160 kW
Torque Max: 12000 Nm / drum at 350 bar
Weight 2800 kg (6000 lbs)
Base Machine 25 – 45 tons (55000 – 99000 lbs)
Weight 770 kg (1700 lbs)
Length 2 m (7 ft)
Max. mixing depth 300HD + extension 5 m (16 ft)
Max. mixing depth 500 HD + extension 7 m (22 ft)
Weight 950 kg (2100 lbs)
Length 3 m (9 ft)
Max. mixing depth 300HD + extension 6 m (19 ft)
Max. mixing depth 500 HD + extension 8 m (26 ft)
Weight (1. empty – 2. full) 1. 22 000 kg (48 500 lbs)
2. 38 500 kg (84 878 lbs)
Tank Volume 2 x 7 m3 (2 x 9,15 yd3)
Max. Operational Pressure 10 bar (145 psi)
Ground Pressure (1. full 800 mm track shoe – 2. full 500 mm track shoe) 1.) 0,68 kg / cm2 2.) 1,02 kg / cm2
Adjustable. binder feed capacity 3 – 15 kg / sec ( 6,6 – 33 lbs / sec)
Binder Granulate Specification 0 – 2 mm (0 – 0,78 inch)
Max. Feed distance (1.3 inch hose – 2.2 inch hose) 1.) 200 m (218 yd) 2.) 100 m (109 yd)
Feed control & reporting system Allu Dac 2.1
Hydraulics Hydraulically operated compressor, rotary valve and process valves
Dimensions L x W x H 6870 x 3400 x 3300 mm (22,53 x 11,15 x 10,82 ft)
ENGINE – Stage V / Tier4F
Power 110 kW / 2200 rpm
Torque 560 Nm / 1400 rpm
Fuel Tank 400 l (106 US gallon)
Type Screw Compressor
Max. Pressure 10 bar (145 psi)
Min. Pressure 3 bar (43.5 psi)
Power 75 kW
Output with Working Pressure 11,7 m3

Main Application Areas

ALLU Pressure feeder PF 7+7
  • Solidification
ALLU Processor for foundation stabilization
  • Foundation
ALLU construction projects site
  • Remediation

Case Studies

We have the perfect solutions for soil improvement

ALLU Soil Improvement System Stabilising Evacuation Road Foundation
ALLU Soil Improvement System Stabilising Railway Foundation
ALLU Processor Solidifying Building Foundation Area
ALLU Processor Stabilizing Road Foundation

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