Case study 0 ALLU France Pipeline Application


Material Pipeline padding

Industry Pipeline Padding

Application Pipeline padding

Function Pipeline

Model ALLU Transformer Series


Excavated material unrefined cannot be used to backfill for pipeline padding. The customers costs were increasing to remove the material and bring in correct material to site.


The ALLU Transformer series of screening buckets with TS structure for pipeline padding is an absolute ideal addition to pipeline job sites around the world. The unique ALLU TS structure enables three different fragment sizes from the same ALLU unit, giving you more flexibility at the site. Due to ALLU TS’s self-cleaning design, you can be certain to get the best possible capacity even with wet and sticky materials. ALLU TS-structure features a variety of blade thicknesses, which makes the TS-structure perfectly suited to the pipeline industry to screen, reuse and recycle the excavated soil.


The customer increases efficiency, reduces costs and time. As they do not need to bring in separate materials to the jobsite or take those materials away.

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