ALLU Transformer Screener Crusher Screening Contaminants


A gas plant’s incoming material quality, shape and size varied due to it coming from a variety of different sources. This led directly to oversized material ‘jamming’ the plant’s feed system causing expensive stoppages to production. Additionally, the material often contained wood, rocks and even metal parts, which needed to be separated before processing the material further.  


The material was screened and crushed using an ALLU Transformer screener crusher bucket which was fitted to an existing telehandler providing longer reach. The material was efficiently loaded into the feeder’s silo quite some distance away by the ALLU Transformer in addition to the screening and crushing operation.



By utilizing the ALLU Transformer screener crusher bucket as both a processor and loader, the gas plant maximized the efficiency of its operation. The ALLU Transformer screening bucket provided a one-step operation by screening out the contaminants, crushing the oversized materials and loading the material straight into the feeder’s silo in one go.

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ALLU Transformer DL 2-17 screener bucket with TS 25mm blades



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