ALLU Transformer Screening Bucket Screening Demolition Waste


A contractor in Sweden is handling several types of material at its work sites. The company is struggling to reuse the material which results in increased transportation costs and landfill fees, leading to the company giving away a great deal of material in order just to get rid of it. This has led to the removing of a possible income stream. In addition, the company has often been forced to buy in the material leading to increased haulage and material costs. 



Where material is suitable for screening, it is now screened with an ALLU Transformer screener crusher on site. Where possible the material is used on job sites, but when this is not possible, it is transported to the company’s own site. Here it is further screened with valuable gravel, sand, soil and asphalt waste -20mm products being produced for resale.



By reusing the material either directly on the job site or at its own facilities, the company avoids landfill fees and produces an income stream by selling the recyclable, reusable material. Furthermore, the ALLU Transformer screening bucket is a mobile solution for on and off-site screening applications which increases the company’s environmental credentials as well as improving its profitability and efficiency.

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ALLU Transformer DL 2-17 screener crusher with TS16mm blades


General demolition waste comprising of gravel, sand, soil, asphalt, etc.

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