ALLU Transformer Screener Crusher Processing Construction Waste


Construction waste emanating from a development project needed to be processed for disposal, with material for re-use being separated from material to be landfilled. Due to large particles in the construction waste, it was proving impossible to reuse, leading to all the material being landfilled, with extra haulage and landfill costs for the contractor.



The construction waste was screened and crushed using the ALLU Transformer screening bucket, with the processed material now utilized as a base material for buildings and other construction works.


Less material to landfill and efficient utilization of waste material supports sustainability. It also reduces extra costs incurred due to reduced landfill payments and at the same time generates income from recycling and utilizing the processed material. Furthermore, haulage costs and negative environmental impact are reduced as there is no need to remove the existing material nor buy in new.

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ALLU Transformer DSH 3-17 screener crusher with X75 drums


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