ALLU Transformer Screener Crusher Backfilling Pipeline


Construction during winter in China creates new challenges when dealing with backfill material. Purchasing new material to replace frozen stony soil would increase expenditure, leading to the 900 km pipeline project running over budget.


The frozen soil was screened and crushed using an ALLU Transformer screening bucket so that the pipeline material was of a high enough quality to be used for pipeline backfilling.


The use of the ALLU Transformer screener crusher meant that less excavated material needed to be transported to landfill, leading to a reduction in fuel consumption and other transport costs. By reusing the material on site, there was also no need to purchase new material to act as pipe bedding ensuring that the project came in on budget.

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ALLU Transformer DH 3-17 screener crusher with X75 and TS blades


Frozen clay with stones imbedded

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