ALLU Transformer Screener Crusher Assuring Quality in Concrete Production


Quality assurance and control in concrete production involved dealing with lumped, hardened and frozen sand and gravel that comprised of lumps too big to be fed into the feeder silo at the concrete plant.


The frozen and hardened sand, gravel and rocks are now crushed with an ALLU Transformer screener crusher before being fed into the silo. This step ensures that the feeder doesn’t get blocked due to the presence of large lumps meaning that the quality of the concrete remains consistent.


Quality assurance through the use of the ALLU Transformer screening bucket ensures that the production process is made more efficient, with no stoppages. In addition, all materials can be used due to the transforming nature of the ALLU equipment.

Technical information:




ALLU Transformer screener crusher DN 3-17 with TS 16 blades


Sand and gravel, crushed gravel

It transforms

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