ALLU Transformer Screener Crusher Pre-processing of contaminated soil


During the excavation work for a construction project on a private job site, mixed waste emerged from the soil.


To reduce the need of taking everything to landfill, the customer decided to screen the material with an ALLU Transformer screening bucket. By treating the contaminated material with an ALLU Transformer screener crusher, the customer was able to remove the fine soil and use it as fill material. The screened waste material was recycled properly with only the non-recyclable elements being transported to landfill.


The customer made large savings by utilizing the ALLU Transformer screening bucket to screen out the waste material instead of taking everything to landfill, and being charged accordingly. In addition, the need for buying in material was reduced as the fine, clean material from the screening process could be used.

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ALLU Transformer DN 3-12 screener crusher with TS blade setup


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