ALLU Transformer Screener Crusher Shredding Insulation Wool


The removal of contaminants in waste stone wool was proving to be problematic meaning that it could not be used in compost.


Stone wool used for insulation is an organic material as it is made from stones and naturally occurring materials. This means that it can be composted if processed correctly, being shredded with an ALLU Transformer screener crusher.


The shredding process filters the glue and other waste materials from the wool meaning that there are no harmful contaminants left. The ALLU Transformer screening bucket is also able to work efficiently and is a fully mobile solution, ideal for working in limited spaces as found in this instance. The efficient working capabilities of the Transformer further adds to the green credentials of the mineral wool plant’s composting operation.

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ALLU Transformer DN 3-17 screener crusher with TS16 Axe blades


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