ALLU Transformer Screener Crusher Separating Topsoil from Tree Stumps


Topsoil and sawdust needed to be separated from tree stumps so that both can be effectively recycled.


The tree stumps were screened with an ALLU Transformer screening bucket. This process separates the topsoil from the stumps making both materials reusable. In addition, the stumps are shredded with an ALLU Transformer screener crusher with the material turned into compost.


The use of the ALLU Transformer screener crusher meant that all the materials can be reused, with the topsoil and saw dust being sold as valuable products, whilst the tree stumps were shredded for use as compost, thereby reducing both transport and landfill costs.

Technical information:




ALLU Transformer DSB 2-12 screener crusher


Tree stumps, sawdust and topsoil

It transforms

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