ALLU Transformer Screener Crusher Pre-Crushing Biowaste


About 18,000 tons of waste per year is sent to this landfill in Thailand. The waste includes plastic bags that need to be pre-processed and screened to further process the waste. Without pre-processing, greater quantities of waste would be sent into landfill that increases the waste problem.


The waste is pre-processed using an ALLU Transformer screener crusher. This separates the plastic bags from the other, reusable material. This results in more biomass material being produced which can be sold to a local power plant and less material to be put into landfill.


An ALLU Transformer screener crusher is a more efficient way to utilize the material coming from the landfill’s existing trommel screen, resulting in about 50% more biomass material to be sold to the power plant. The ALLU Transformer is a one-step operation process, where screening, crushing and loading can be completed simultaneously, with the aeration and mixing process of the compost also being completed at the same time.

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ALLU Transformer DS 3-17 screener crusher with X100 blade setup


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