ALLU Transformer Screener Crusher Screening and Recycling Demolition Waste


On a site set aside for construction, demolition waste, including concrete, wood, metal and fines cannot be processed further, with the area needing to be cleaned and the material dealt with before any new buildings could be built.


The waste was processed with an ALLU Transformer screener crusher. About 30% of the material could be reused as a construction material, with about 10%, including the wood and metal, being separated and recycled properly. The rest of the material comprised of concrete which was crushed and reused as sub base and for foundations.


By processing the waste with the ALLU Transformer screener crusher, there were considerable savings made in landfill fees and transportation costs as only about 10% was transported to landfill. The rest of the material was reutilized on the new construction site.

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ALLU Transformer DN 3-17 screener crusher with TS 25 crushing Axe blade setup


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