ALLU Soil Improvement System Stabilising Railway Foundation


The original railroad had been constructed on very soft soil and settling foundation which needed to be modernized and stabilized. When stabilized, the project involved the construction of a new double railway track.



The total area that needed to be stabilized with the complete ALLU Soil Improvement System was in the region of 6 500m2 down to a depth of 3-4 m, all in a one month operation. By improving the bearing capacity of the foundations health and safety issues would be resolved, with the binder used in this project being a mixture of cement (70%) and merit (30%).



The complete ALLU Soil Improvement System stabilized the area cost and time efficiently, with no expensive haulage costs as there was no need for a mass exchange of material.

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ALLU Soil Improvement System


Swamp, soft peat and clay

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