PF 7+7

The ALLU PF 7+7 is a two-tank pressure feeder and self-contained pneumatic-based dry binder delivery system. There’s twice the capacity for twice the productivity.

The Pressure Feeder uses an on-board air compressor to pressurize a tank of binder and deliver it in dry form. Delivering and mixing binder in dry form conserves the "drying" capacity of a binder. It’s a more cost-effective use when wet soil or sediment is to be stabilized.

The computer-controlled feed enables the binder to be added very precisely, which also reduces costs and increases quality on the jobsite. »
  • Contaminated Sites Remediation
  • Solidification
  • Coastal Facilities


ModelWeightEngineCompressor working pressureCompressor outputTank maximum working pressureTank binder capacityFeeding capacity, adjustableTank gross volumeFeeding distance
KgLbskWhpkPapsim3 / minft3 / minkPapsiTnUS Tnkg / slb / sm3ft3mft
PF 7+713.500 29.800 74.5 99 800 120 6.5 / 230 3 / 800 120 7 8 5 / 11 / 7 250 375 250

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