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ALLU Transformer screener crusher is a hydraulic attachment for wheel loader, excavator or skid steer. With the widest range of screening buckets and screener crushers on the market, the Transformer attachment range will fit almost any base machine size. Starting from our most compact ALLU DL Series screening buckets, to the huge ALLU M Series screener crushers which will fit up to 160Tn (154.4 US Tn) excavators.

With the ALLU Transformer screening attachment, you no longer need to bring both a wheel loader/excavator and a crusher on site. Instead, this is a bucket which screens, crushes, pulverizes, aerates, blends, mixes, separates, feeds and loads materials in one step operation. And best of all, it transforms the materials you work with; from trash to cash – from waste to value. This is technology which quite literally transforms everything around it. It’s more productive, and more profitable.

TRANSFORMING your efficiency – faster processes with ‘one step operation’. Screen, crush, aerate, mix and load in one step operation.

TRANSFORMING your profits – less material to the landfill equals less payments. Reuse the material on site so there is no need to purchase virgin material. Utilize and recycle the left-over materials and make income from it.

TRANSFORMING your green credentials – less material transportation at the jobsite equals less fuel consumption. Less materials to the landfill and more efficient utilization of the waste materials supports sustainability.

TRANSFORMING your machines – your excavator, wheel loader or skid steer will transform into a multifunction tool that’ll screen, crush, mix, aerate, pulverize and load in one step operation – with just on ALLU Transformer screener crusher.

With versatility at its very core, the ALLU Transformer screener crusher will process just about anything you send its way. From topsoil, black top and dirt, excavated and waste soil, contaminated soil, clay, peat, bark, compost, bio waste, demolition waste, construction waste, milled asphalt, glass, coal, oil shale, limestone and several other materials.


Different sorts of materials require different kinds of tools. There are several different blade variations available for ALLU Transformer screener crushers, suitable for different kinds of applications. The finest product fragment size is gained with the thinnest ALLU blade which is only 8 mm thick and the largest fragment size is produced with the blade variation of 105 mm thick blade combination.

Got an application that requires crushing and shredding? Make sure your ALLU Transformer screener crusher has axe blades. Those work best when you need to e.g. crush frozen, lumpy materials or process bio waste.
For screening applications ALLU Transformer screening bucket is better to equip with standard screening blades. Working on a pipeline trench, pipeline padding, where the fragment size does matter? Screening topsoil, goal to set for a certain type of material for landscaping? Standard blades for screening are the right kind of equipment for your ALLU Transformer screening bucket.
Processing and stabilising contaminated soil? Aerating compost? In order to get the best quality end product there are special blades available for also these applications. ALLU Transformer screener crusher can process wide range of materials in one step operations, just select the tools according to the need.


In addition to the versatility of the ALLU Transformer screener crusher, you can work with this attachment practically anywhere; this is an attachment which defines the word mobile.

As the ALLU Transformer screener crusher converts your base machine into a mobile processing plant, you can take great comfort in your reduced investment and operating costs. Your smaller carbon footprint and transportation costs. The overall reduction in fuel and energy, and the fact that there’s now no need for electrics on site.

The Transformer is technology which will redefine your industry. More production, more mobility and greater efficiency. And all available now.