ALLU TS Structure


The unique ALLU TS structure enables three different fragment sizes with the same unit. Fragment size estimation is based on screening comb distance. It is a quick and easy way to change from one screening job to another. More versatile processing!


Due to ALLU TS’s Self-Cleaning Design, it allows the best possible capacity even with wet materials. We call this innovative design, a Non-Clogging Structure.


Select the blade set up according to the application:

1. Blade thickness

Options:8 mm
16 mm
25 mm
35 mm

ALLU TS-structure features a variety of blade thicknesses, which makes the TS-structure perfectly suited to a multitude of screening and mixing tasks.

The possibilities for blade thicknesses are 8, 16, 25 and 35mm. These blade thicknesses determine the fragment size of the end product.

2. Blade set up

Single / Double / Triple

By changing from a single blade setup to one that is doubled or tripled blades, the estimated fragment size can be changed from single to double or triple. One ALLU - three fragment sizes.

Single blade set up

The single blade set up positions two or three blades in a single position, with one screening comb between every blade.

The possibilities for blade thicknesses in this assembly are 8, 16, 25 and 35mm.

Double blade set up

With the double blade setup, two blades have the same position moving together with two screening combs between the doubled blades.

The possibilities for blade thicknesses in this assembly are 16, 32, 50 and 70mm.

Triple blade set up

The tripled blade set up has three blades in the same position that move together.

The possibilities for blade thicknesses in this assembly are 24, 48, 75 and 105mm.

3. Blade model

Axe blade / Standard blade

Axe blade

An ideal blade model for applications that require shredding and/or crushing soft materials, e.g. compost, biowaste and bark.

ALLU Transformer equipped with TS axe blades will enable homogenous end product, even with most challenging materials.

Standard blade

The standard Blade is designed for a variety of screening applications e.g. trench padding, soil screening, soil remediation and gravel screening.

When using TS Standard blades, good capacity is a guarantee, these blades are ideal for separating and screening away larger material from smaller end product.

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