ALLU Transformer G series is the largest hydraulic screener crusher ever manufactured. It weighs 32 tons and it is designed to be mounted on 300 Tn front shovel mining excavator.
Instead of just using the excavator for loading of ore containing large quantities of waste rock onto dump trucks in the mining cells, the carrier now screens the ore, while loading at the same time, using the ALLU Transformer G series screener crusher. In many mining operations, the utilization of this unique method, makes it possible to leave the majority of waste rock found in the ore at its original location in the mining cell, without ever needing to transport the waste. 
When the waste material or side rock can be left into the mining cell, in its original location, large savings in fuel-, transportation equipment wear and tear and transportation equipment maintenance costs will be generated. This way also environmental benefits are materialized and the improvements bring green mining benefits in the true sense of the word.
In this process, the excavator is used as a material processor. The combination of the excavator and the screener crusher is this way turned into a truly mobile heavy processing equipment. E.g. mining in mind, this 13 m3 giant, weighing 32 tons, is built using standards and materials of the highest standard only.

Volume:  13 m3
Weight:  32 000 kg
Height:  3781 mm
Width:  4760 mm
Depth:  3746 mm

  • Mining
  • Industrial applications

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