ALLU Soil Improvement System Stabilising Sports Field


The lack of readily available land suitable for construction has led to a number of remediation projects in the Helsinki area. In this particular instance, the site earmarked for construction was wet marshland containing peat, clay and mud.



The only way the area could be used for residential developments was to improve the stability and load-bearing properties of the soil, with the size of the area requiring stabilization being approximately 26 000m2. The ALLU Soil Improvement System was put to work improving the quality of the ground as well as increasing its load-bearing capacity.



By stabilizing the area with the ALLU Soil Improvement System there was no need to buy extra material for stabilization as following the process the material that was already on site could be used. This resulted in the entire area being able to be used for the construction of a sports field and residential area.


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ALLU Soil Improvement Complete System


Peat, clay and mud

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