IT development from Allu

26 February 2021

Allu Group is exhibiting equipment from its Transformer and Processor ranges at Intermat 2018, and as well as established equipment, the attachments firm is launching a new IT development – the Allu App.

The Allu App is described as a first-time solution aimed at maximising customers’ investment. The Allu-App is being shown and demonstrated at Intermat, which the company said enabled visitors to see at first-hand how Allu was about much more than the supply of world-leading equipment.

The Allu-App connects the serial number to the relevant data, and provides a description of the product – frame and drums – while it matches base machine – wheeled loader or excavator – to the attachment being used.

It also notes specific applications to the model, and provides access to relevant pictures and videos, as well as a safety guide. Then the app can give links to closest Allu dealer and Allu Finland contact information as well as social media, and enables access to operational and installation guides.

Soil processing

The company said that its Processor range had proved itself on road projects, building developments and various contaminated soil processing applications around the world.

Since the equipment is mobile, companies are able to use it to treat and access low bearing-capacity ground for infrastructure development. It can also be used to remediate contaminated soil by transforming hazardous constituents into a solid state, thereby preventing them from dissolving into the surrounding environment.

Allu’s Transformer Series comprises processing buckets that can be mounted onto excavators, loaders and tractors.

They can screen, pulverise, aerate, blend, mix, separate, even crush, feed and load materials for a range of applications. These include landscaping – from top soil screening to waste and debris processing; earthmoving and demolition – money can be saved by processing excavated soil and rubble on the spot; and mining, quarrying and aggregates – crushing and loading of raw material can be completed in a single cycle.