One frame fits Allu

15 April 2016

Bauma is giving Finnish crushing and screening company Allu the opportunity to demonstrate that now all the different drums for its various applications and fragments fit one frame.

It said that for the customer this meant versatility and higher use of the unit, saving money and the presenting the opportunity to earn more money.

There are new drums with changeable blades, which the company said were useful for waste material handling, pipeline backfilling/padding. It added that Universal blades matched most applications and materials while the Long blades were aimed at compost and other soft materials.

There are also new stabilisation drums, which Allu said meant no more welding at the jobsite as the new X-blades were fast field replaceable in a very short time.

These drums are for mixing and crushing harder materials such as crushing asphalt or minerals.

The new Allu TSdrum assembly, comes in two different fragment sizes just by repositioning the screening combs. Allu said it was based on the application that the customer might choose, for example the standard blades for screening – gravel, top soil, compost, etc – or the axe blades for crushing or shredding effect , such as field bark, plastic bags shredding, waste materials.

All Allu drums have changeable blades and now are said to have 40% more wearing surface for the blades, in addition to new design.

The new Allu Dare data reporting system is designed to help to improve work processes, and working efficiency. It also provides data from the hydraulic system in real time.