15 May 2019

ALLU held the ‘best ever’ meeting of its global dealer network during the second week of February. Close to 100 people, representing ALLU came to Finland for what proved to be a fantastic occasion. During the event, Brisbane based R D Williams was presented with the ALLU ‘award for excellence’.

ALLU has placed a great deal of emphasis over the last few years in growing its highly professional dealer and distributor network. Throughout Europe, Latin America, Africa, the US and increasingly SE Asia, the network has continued to grow enabling customers throughout the world to easily benefit from the unique attributes of the ALLU Transformer and Processor ranges.

In order to provide customers with the very latest developments in ALLU’s increasing solutions portfolio, close to 100 representatives from over 50 ALLU distributors came to Finland from 13-16 February. During the meeting, the dealers enjoyed a series of events aimed at providing them with the latest developments and application thinking concerning the ALLU products.

“The dealer conference and meeting was the perfect occasion for me to meet the ALLU people in the field,” said ALLU vice president of sales Jeroen Hinnen. “I thought it was an excellent occasion, enabling us at ALLU to not only help our partners, but also to listen to what they and their customers want from ALLU.”

At a gala dinner held on the last night of the meeting, an awards ceremony was held to recognise the outstanding performance of ALLU’s dealers. Tianjin Deal Electronic and Mechanical Equipment Trading Company Ltd from China was presented with ‘dealer of the year’, Murray Plant from the UK, was given the ‘best performing new dealer’ award. R D Finally, R D Williams from Australia was awarded the ‘ALLU award for excellence’.

ALLU award for excellence

Based in Brisbane, servicing clients nationwide, RD Williams (RDW) is considered to be an industry leader when it comes to earthmoving equipment solutions. Founded in 1988 by Rod Williams and Dick Karreman, RDW has successfully been established as a people first organization, committed to its people and its customers, providing quality solutions in everything it does.

By using four dedicated business units, the RDW team uses its extensive industry knowledge and problem solving skills to find the best solution for its clients’ needs. Now an established name through Australia, RDW is able to provide levels of services and support which are synonymous with the ALLU brand.

The impressive levels of service and professionalism led directly to RDW being presented with the ‘award for excellence’ at ALLU’s recent dealer meeting. “Our dealers are vital link between us and the customers. And the dealer’s performance has been outstanding in 2018,” said ALLU president Ola Ulmala. “R D William’s has reached new levels of excellence when it comes to looking after its customers in Australia. The professionalism and expertise shown, has directly led to the company providing its customers with a first class product, and vitally, first class service.”

The dealer meeting is one of a series of events ALLU intends to hold throughout 2019 aimed at helping its dealers help their customers. Service workshops are scheduled throughout the world, as are application and product development seminars.