4 April 2018

The ALLU Transformer DL is a range of attachments purpose designed for a variety of precision screening and material processing applications. The DL-Series has proved its value on landscaping, padding, aeration, cabling and pipeline job sites, transforming business operations wherever it has been used.


The ALLU Transformer DL-Series comprises of an excavator/ loader/ tractor mounted attachment which screens, crushes, aerates, blends, mixes, separates, feeds and loads materials. This results in the feed material being effectively transformed into highly valuable products, making your business more efficient, and more profitable.

The Transformer DL-Series has proved its value in landscaping, pipeline, padding and agricultural applications; from composting to aerating, top soil screening to waste and debris processing. The unique attributes of the DL-Series means that all can be carried out on site, with this truly mobile solution providing the versatility and flexibility to let you work more efficiently in the most challenging of environments.

At the heart of the Transformer DL is the unique top screen of its bucket. This is where the screening blades spin between the top screen combs with the end material size being defined by the space between the combs. Effectively these screening combs carry most of the material weight to ensure the drums and bearings take on less impact and load. This construction is clog-free and maintains good capacity even with wet materials.

The Transformer DL-Series has been designed to be mounted on 12t (US 11.8t), loaders, and 8t (US 7.8t) tractors and backhoe loaders. This means they are ideally suited to the requirements of companies requiring limited, yet profitable, material separation, crushing, screening and processing.

The ALLU Transformer DL-Series, TRANSFORMING the way you work, TRANSORMING your business.Main applications include:

  • Landscaping
  • Top soil screening
  • Agricultural processing
  • Composting
  • Pipe laying
  • Aerating