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The ALLU screening bucket is designed to screen and separate a wide range of materials, including soil, sand, gravel, compost, demolition waste, and biomass. It efficiently classifies materials into different fractions, allowing for the removal of oversized or undersized particles



The ALLU Transformer screening bucket is a versatile attachment that transforms your excavator or loader into a highly efficient mobile screening unit. It enables on-site screening, separation, and processing of various materials, providing a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to traditional screening methods.

The ALLU Transformer DL series screening buckets are suitable for compact base machines and are designed for excavators up to 12 tons, loaders up to 8 tons, as well as Skid steer, tractors, and backhoes. The ALLU screening bucket is versatile and can be used for various applications, including screening for backfilling pipe and cable trenches, composting, topsoil screening, and landfill remediation. It offers flexibility and adaptability to meet the specific requirements of different projects, all done on-site. When screening materials on-site, the ALLU Transformer screening bucket reduces the need for separate screening equipment, transportation, and waste disposal. It minimizes costs and waste, promoting more sustainable and efficient operations.

ALLU Sieb- und Brechschaufel für die Landwirtschaft un d die Kompostierindustrie


ALLU D-Series screener crusher buckets are a range of attachments designed specifically for earthmoving machines such as excavators and wheel loaders. These attachments combine screening and crushing, enabling the processing, and recycling of various materials directly on the job site.

ALLU D-Series screener crusher buckets are designed to handle and screen a wide range of materials, including various soil types, compost, construction waste, glass, aggregates, scrap, peat, bark, biomass, and more. They can process different types and sizes of materials, providing versatility for various applications.

The ALLU Screener Crusher Bucket facilitates on-site recycling, reducing the need to transport materials away from the construction site. Processing directly on-site minimizes the costs and environmental impact associated with transportation and disposal. Attaching the ALLU D-Series Screener Crusher Bucket to earthmoving machines is easy, making it quick and simple to deploy. Combining screening and crushing functions into a single attachment saves time by eliminating the need for multiple processes and minimizes equipment requirements. It enhances productivity and ensures a more efficient material handling process.

ALLU -Brecherlöffel


The ALLU Crusher is a crushing attachment series designed for excavators weighing between 10 to 33 tons, and a smaller model design for skid steer The series includes six different models designed to crush and recycle various materials directly on the job site.

The ALLU Crusher is designed to operate efficiently in all situations. The crusher’s sides are straight, and the tip plate is angled. This facilitates the loading of material into the crusher and prevents damage to the crusher. The curved side plates add strength to the bucket’s frame structure without adding extra weight.

The flywheel and belt drive are positioned inside the crusher to protect them from dirt, dust, and wear. Changing the particle size of the end product has been made as easy as possible. Particle size adjustment is quick and easy with an adjustable pin method. All six models offer 16 different particle size options.



The ALLU VELOCI Screening Bucket is an innovative attachment designed to accelerate and enhance the screening and processing of various materials in construction, composting, aeration, pipeline and cable work, landscaping, composting, and agricultural applications. It provides a range of features and benefits that optimize efficiency and productivity.

The ALLU VELOCI Screening Bucket is capable of screening and separating a wide range of materials, including various soil types, sand, gravel, compost, and other waste materials. It efficiently classifies materials based on size, allowing for the removal of unwanted fractions and the reuse or recycling of valuable resources.

The ALLU VELOCI Screening Bucket is designed to be easily attached to excavators, wheel loaders, skid steer, tractor and backhoes simplifying material handling operations. Its lightweight construction and user-friendly design provide the operator with an easily accessible screening solution.

ALLU M series screening bucket


The ALLU M series bucket is a versatile attachment designed for large-scale material processing and screening applications. It is compatible with large excavators and wheel loaders.

ALLU M series bucket is suitable for a wide range of applications in industries such as mining, and quarrying. It can be used for screening, crushing, mixing, and loading materials, among other tasks. By incorporating the ALLU M bucket into your operations, you can increase efficiency and productivity.

The use of ALLU M series bucket can eliminate the need for material processing equipment and reduces the need for material double handling.



ALLU RAPTOR is a hydraulic attachment for excavators, available in four different size classes. This powerful hydraulic ripper is sure to change the way you work and opens new possibilities for various excavation and permafrost handling tasks.

The powerful, durable, and practical design of the ALLU Raptor series makes it a reliable and essential tool for demanding and hard soil ripping and opening tasks, such as excavating trenches for pipes, where high productivity is required.




The ALLU Compactor is an accessory series designed for compacting various types of soil and materials. This attachment is used with excavators and can be applied in various applications such as road construction, pipeline projects, and general compaction tasks. The ALLU Compactor includes a vibrating plate that applies pressure and vibration to compact the soil or material. This helps increase the density and stability of the ground, making it suitable for various construction purposes.


VD Drum

The patented ALLU TS (Top Screen) design now has a new option;
the ALLU VD Drum option allows you to quickly change the TS blades without opening the sealed drive compartment. Each shaft can be removed individually, and blade replacement or output size changes can be accomplished in just a few hours. The option also allows fast output size changes. This saves you time and money, and gives you greater versatility if you need to do different operations with one Transformer Screener/Crusher bucket.

  • No need to open the drive compartment, so it is much cleaner, less labor
  • You can change the TS blades quickly
  • Ability to change worn parts or simply to change output size
  • Individual shaft blade changes are much easier
  • Different output sizes are possible with less screen combs needed, and less

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