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ALLU Products

The ALLU screening bucket is designed to screen and separate a wide range of materials, such as soil, sand, gravel, compost, demolition waste, and biomass. It effectively sorts the materials into different sizes, allowing for the removal of oversized or undersized particles.

ALLU Transformer Screening Bucket DL-series
ALLU transformer DL-2-12-TS25_50-S-Front

ALLU Transformer Screening Bucket

The ALLU Transformer screening bucket is a versatile attachment designed to transform your excavator or loader into a highly efficient mobile screening solution. It enables on-site screening, separating, and processing of various materials, providing a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to traditional screening methods. The ALLU Transformer DL series screening attachments are for compact base machines and suitable for excavators max. 12Tn, loaders 8Tn, tractors, and backhoe loaders.

ALLU screening bucket is suitable for a variety of applications, such as pipeline padding, backfilling, composting, topsoil production, and landfill reclamation. It offers flexibility and adaptability to meet the specific requirements of different projects all can be carried out on-site. By screening materials on-site, the ALLU Transformer screening bucket reduces the need for separate screening equipment, transportation, and disposal of waste materials. It minimizes costs and waste, contributing to more sustainable and efficient operations.

ALLU Screener crusher bucket on Agriculture and composting industries
ALLU Screener crusher bucket on Agriculture and composting industries
ALLU transformer DN-3-17-TS16_32-S-Front


ALLU D-Series Screener Crusher bucket is a range of attachments specifically designed for earthmoving machinery, such as excavators, loaders, and backhoe loaders. These attachments combine the functions of a screener and a crusher, enabling efficient processing and recycling of various materials directly on-site.

ALLU D-Series Screener Crushers buckets are designed to process and screen a wide range of materials, including soil, compost, construction waste, glass, aggregate, rubble, peat, bark, biomass, and more. They can handle different material types and sizes, offering versatility for various applications.

ALLU Screener Crushers bucket facilitates on-site recycling, reducing the need for transporting materials to off-site facilities. By processing materials directly at the job site, it minimizes costs and environmental impact associated with transportation and disposal. Attaching the ALLU D-Series Screener Crusher to earthmoving machinery is straightforward, making it quick and easy to set up for operation. The combination of screening and crushing functions in a single attachment saves time by eliminating the need for multiple passes and equipment. It increases productivity and ensures a more efficient material processing workflow

ALLU Crusher bucket for construction and demolition
ALLU crusher bucket AC25-37

ALLU Crusher Bucket

ALLU crusher bucket is an attachment used with excavators, backhoes, and loaders. It is designed to crush and reduce the size of various materials, such as concrete, rock, demolition debris, asphalt, and natural stone. The crusher bucket essentially functions as a jaw crusher or a primary crushing tool, allowing the excavator or loader to process and recycle materials on-site.

Allu Crusher bucket attachments are designed to increase efficiency and productivity on construction and mining sites by reducing the need for traditional processing equipment and streamlining the material handling process. They can be easily mounted on excavators and wheel loaders, providing a cost-effective solution for material processing tasks.

ALLU Crusher buckets come in various sizes and capacities to accommodate different machines and applications. They are often equipped with features such as adjustable output size, reversible crushing direction, and replaceable teeth or blades to optimize performance and durability.



ALLU Veloci screening bucket is an innovative attachment designed to streamline and enhance the screening and processing of various materials in construction, compost recycling, aeration projects, pipeline and cable padding landscaping, composting, and agricultural applications. It offers a range of features and benefits that optimize efficiency and productivity.

ALLU Veloci screening bucket is capable of screening and separating a wide range of materials, including soil, sand, gravel, compost, waste, and more. It efficiently sorts and segregates materials based on size, allowing for the removal of unwanted particles and facilitating the reuse or recycling of valuable resources.

ALLU Veloci screening bucket is designed to be easily mounted on excavators, loaders, or other construction machinery, simplifying material handling operations. Its lightweight construction and user-friendly controls enable operators to maneuver and operate the bucket with ease.

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