ALLU Compactor Series




ALLU Compactor is a range of attachments designed for compacting and compressing different types of soil and materials. These attachments are used with excavators and can be used in various applications such as road construction, pipeline projects, and general compaction tasks.

Allu Compactor attachments feature a vibrating plate or drum that applies pressure and vibration to the soil or material being compacted. This helps to increase the density and stability of the ground, making it suitable for construction purposes.

Key features and benefits of Allu Compactor attachments include:

  • Versatility: ALLU Compactor attachments are designed to be compatible with a wide range of excavators, allowing for flexibility in different construction projects.
  • Efficient compaction: The vibrating plate of the ALLU Compactor applies high-frequency vibrations and pressure to the soil, ensuring effective compaction and improved load-bearing capacity.
  • Time and cost savings: By using the ALLU Compactor attachment, compacting tasks can be completed efficiently on-site, reducing the need for additional machinery and transportation.
  • Improved safety: ALLU Compactor attachments minimizes the risk of uneven surfaces and improve the stability of the ground, enhancing safety for construction workers and equipment.
  • Environmentally friendly: Compact soil reduces the need for excessive fill material, reducing environmental impact and improving sustainability.

Excellent compaction results combined with
outstanding driver/operator comfort

Transforming the way you work

  • Efficient working through adjustable frequency and force
  • Excellent depth of penetration
  • Transforms your base machine into a compacting unit

Efficient & silent

  • Reduces the downtime at jobsites as one base machine can be used to execute several tasks
  • Oscillation element keeps the noise and vibration at minimum levels

Safety and Environmental impacts

  • Risk of accidents are minimized
  • No extra emissions
  • Controlled compacting reduces the damages to pipes and the surrounding areas

Compactor Features

ALLU compactor features

  • Shaping suitable for construction site
  • Easy to transport, perfectly located forklift pockets ensure fast and safe transport at the construction site
  • Modular construction
  • Rotator solution without any hose
  • Spot and drag compaction in 2 working modes (Highline model)
  • Spot Compaction – High penetration effect.
  • Continuous operation without loss of strength due to powerful motor
  • Drag Compaction – Low penetration effect for surface finishing or for small material overlays to avoid damages (e.g. pipe damage)
  • Unbalance safety stop
  • Rotator of annular gear construction


  • Dimensions suitable for construction site
  • Distinctive design
  • Flat design
  • Due to the round shaped flat design, compaction under the spindles in shoring is optimally possible
  • The exceptional design of the ALLU Compactor ensures the operator has the optimal overview in the working area
  • Precise work is guaranteed

Main Application Areas

ALLU compactor product quality
  • Groundworks
  • Construction
ALLU compactor for civil engineering projects
  • Civil Engineering Projects
  • Infrastructure Projects
ALLU compactor features
  • Garden and landscaping
  • Cable and pipeline laying

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