31 May 2007

ALLU Finland Oy launch heavy series Screener Crushers

ALLU started this spring at Bauma Munich impressively by launching two new Screener Crusher models. These new models, ALLU SCH and SCM are designed for users who want to treat high volumes of material. Both of the models are designed to fit larger excavators and wheel loaders.

ALLU SCH rocks on pipeline job sites

ALLU SCH is especially designed for pipeline contractors. It is a perfect padding tool because it allows the contractor to screen the soil directly back to the pipeline. This saves money when there is no need to carry the old soil away or to import new material to the trench. This also saves time and can save up to 50% of construction time. ALLU SCH has a heavy motor and strengthened frame construction.

ALLU SCM is a Monster

ALLU SCM is designed for very heavy applications such as crushing light concrete and therefore it has got the nickname Monster. It has strengthened frame construction, two heavy motors and double chains. Even though the Monster is designed for extra heavy applications it also suits perfectly for lighter applications such as composting, crushing glass or screening soil.

Third generation models

Both models represent the third generation of screener crusher buckets. It means they feature plenty of technical advantages. One of the new features is that there is no need for oil drain line which lowers installation costs and makes it easier to use on different base machines. The build-in power adjustment valve protects against hydraulic overload. Also the frame design has changed so that the material flow to the drums is optimal and chain boxes are placed inside the frame. This helps to keep the job site clean. In addition to this, the bucket’s volume has increased considerably.