ALLU Holds Successful Global Dealer Network Meeting

26 February 2021

 held a meeting of its global dealer network during the second week of February in Finland. Close to 100 people, representing more than 30 ALLU dealers, enjoyed a series of events aimed at providing them with the latest developments and application thinking concerning ALLU products.

In addition to seminars, workshops and a highly informative walk-through of the production process, ALLU product and service experts were also on-hand to provide advice in order to help the dealers assist their customers maximize their investments.

“The dealer conference and meeting was the perfect occasion for me to meet the ALLU people in the field,” said newly appointed ALLU vice president of sales Jeroen Hinnen. “I thought it was an excellent occasion, enabling us at ALLU to not only help our partners, but also to listen to what they and their customers want from ALLU.”

The dealer meeting is one of a series of events ALLU intends to hold throughout 2018 aimed at helping its dealers help their customers. Service workshops are scheduled throughout the world, as are application and product development seminars.