Allu launches app to help customers maximize investment

26 February 2021

Allu Group is exhibiting equipment from its Transformer and Processor ranges at Intermat 2018. In addition to showing equipment, Allu has launched the Allu App and is giving demonstrations at the Allu stand.

The Allu App
This app is Allu’s first digital solution aimed at maximizing customers’ investment.

Features and benefits of the app include:

• Connects the serial number to the relevant data.
• Provides a description of the product (frame and drums).
• Matches base machine (wheel loader or excavator) to the attachment being used.
• Notes specific applications to the model.
• Provides access to relevant pictures & videos as well as a safety guide.
• Links to closest Allu dealer & Allu Finland contact information as well as social media.
• Enables access to operational and installation guides.