13 March 2018


Fast, precise and global communication with the equipment manufacturer is key for customers to get the very best out of their investment. In order to get closer to the customer, ALLU is proud to announce the launch of its own ALLU Mobile Application at Intermat.

ALLU, the leading manufacturer of Transformer and Processor attachments, is proud to announce the launch of its own mobile application which will receive its global launch at Intermat 2018. This service is fully integrated with ALLU’s portal providing information, contact and advice on everything that is relevant to the serial number of the attachment in the customer’s possession.

ALLU Mobile Application provides an intelligent digital solution for ALLU customers to get accurate and timely information regarding to safe operations at jobsites and use of the ALLU product. The application provides information closest to the customer-even on line at the jobsite whenever mobile online service is provided- in order to provide information and safeguard the customer’s investment.

This service enables the ALLU customer access information that is relevant to the serial number of the attachment in his/her possession.

ALLU Mobile Application provides safety instructions that will guide through safe working method when using ALLU attachment throughout the whole process.

In order to get the very best performance from ones ALLU product this mobile application also provides specific information about the different jobsite applications where to utilize the ALLU product. Quick guides to installation ease the operation at the jobsites and the instruction manual is always on hand – irrespective of where you are or when you need the information.

ALLU Mobile Application enables to seek advice on equipment performance, even to troubleshoot possible problems, and connect you with the nearest ALLU office or distributor if further support is needed.

The many features and benefits of the ‘ALLU-App’ include:

  • Connects the serial number to the relevant data
  • Provides a description of the product (frame and drums)
  • Matches base machine (wheel loader or excavator) to the attachment being used
  • Notes specific applications to the model
  • Provides access to relevant pictures & videos as well as a safety guide.
  • Links to closest ALLU dealer & ALLU Finland contact information as well as social media
  • Enables access to operational and installation guides