ALLU presented new products with IoT technology at bauma 2019

28 May 2019
1 ALLU Stand auf der bauma 2019

Quelle: ALLUALLU unveiled its latest developments and launching new and exciting solutions at bauma 2019. These cover a variety of applications, but through the use of the latest technology in the field, the new solutions are set to further transform customer profitability.

New version of the ALLU Mobile App

The latest version of the ALLU Mobile Application provides an intelligent digital solution for customers and operators to obtain accurate and timely information regarding safe operations at jobsites, thereby maximizing the use of the ALLU equipment. The ‘App’ accomplishes this, whenever a mobile online service is available, through accessing information that is relevant to the serial number of the attachment. 

Using IoT technology, the ALLU App provides information about the working hours and the right angle of inclination with ALLU Transformer. In order to maintain maximum productivity on the site and to minimise equipment downtime, the ALLU App provides information about the ideal maintenance frequency and the changing of wear parts, based on the working hours. “With these new features, ALLU App enables more efficient customer service, now that the specific information of the product is available also for the customer,” says ALLU support manager Jukka Parviainen.

2 ALLU Mobile App
Quelle: ALLU

The ALLU Mobile Application provides instructions to guide the operator through safe working methods when using the ALLU attachment throughout the whole operating and ownership process. The ALLU App also provides specific information about different jobsite applications, and how best to utilize the ALLU equipment ensuring that the very best performance is obtained from the attachment. This is facilitated through accessing quick guides ranging from set-up, installation, and operations with the operating manual always being on hand.

The many features and benefits of the ‘ALLU-App’ include:

·Connects the serial number to the relevant data with efficient sensor

·Provides a description of the product (frame and drums)

·Matches base machine (wheel loader or excavator) to the attachment being used 

·Notes specific applications to the model and correct working angle

·Provides access to relevant pictures & videos as well as a safety guide

·Facilitates proactive servicing and maintenance

·Links to closest ALLU dealer & ALLU Finland contact information as well as social media

·Enables access to operational and installation guides

ALLU App can be downloaded from the AppStore and PlayStore and it’s free of charge.

3 ALLU Transformer M Series in Aktion
Quelle: ALLU

One unit –three fragment sizes with new ALLU TS® blade structure

The patented unique ALLU TS® blade structure has been developed by ALLU, which has long been a pioneer developing solutions’ to improve the productivity of a customer at different kinds of jobsites. The ALLU TS® blades are a modern development for the attachment screener / crusher market, with ALLU set to deliver new levels of efficiency and productivity with the new blade variations, with the new blade structure further enabling customers to utilize their ALLU Transformer in more than way.

At the core of the ALLU TS® drum construction is the configuration of the screening blades that spin between the screening combs. The end product size is defined by the space between the combs, and different fragment sizes can be achieved simply by repositioning the combs. As the screening combs carry most of the material weight, the drums and bearings experience less impact and load, with the design of the assembly ensuring the machine works well in wet and dry materials without clogging.

The ALLU TS® drums are available with two different blade types: standard blades for screening applications and axe blades when a crushing or shredding effect is required. Blade sizes available include 16-32 mm, 25-50 mm and 35 mm. The latest ALLU development to the ALLU TS® assembly enables three different fragment sizes from same unit. Fragment size estimation is based on screening comb distance, with it being quick and easy to change from one screening job to another, providing more versatile processing. Due to ALLU TS®’s self-cleaning design, it allows the best possible capacity even with wet materials, termed a non-clogging structure.

4 ALLU Transformer M Serie auf der bauma
Quelle: ALLU
More blade variations with one ALLU

With doubling and tripling options, ALLU now has the widest range of blade variations on the market. The single blade set up positions two or three blades in a single position, with one screening comb between every blade. The possibilities for blade thicknesses in this assembly are 8, 16, 25 and 35 mm. With the double blade setup, two blades have the same position moving together with two screening combs between the doubled blades. The possibilities for blade thicknesses in this assembly are 16, 32, 50 and 70 mm. The tripled blade set up has three blades in the same position that move together. The possibilities for blade thicknesses in this assembly are 24, 48, 75 and 105 mm. By changing from a single blade setup to one that is doubled or tripled blade, the estimated fragment size can be changed from single to double or triple. One ALLU – three fragment sizes.