ALLU TRACKER Transforms the way you work and guides you into the 21st century.

8 July 2021

New to the market, ALLU Tracker is an effective tool for measuring performance and knowing where your equipment is located. It eliminates the need for lots of manual time keeping and you can understand the performance of your equipment.

ALLU Tracker works with all ALLU attachments and can be fitted to all models. The benefit of having the tracker is you know where your equipment is by GPS pinpointing, and geo fencing. Giving you the ability to understand what your equipment is doing, and last known location.

By Increasing the awareness of what your machine is doing, helps you plan your working load effectively, including operational hours and operational ability.  The ALLU Tracker stores all information sent over to an easy-to-use dashboard, and the data is stored in the cloud including with the last known location.