ALLU transforms at Conexpo 2017

30 March 2017
ALLU transforms at Conexpo 2017 - Onsite news.

ALLU Group presented at Conexpo 2017 it’s new, customer focused technology brand: ALLU Transformer. This positive and radical change reflects the transformation of ALLU screener crusher products and from world class manufacturer to customer driven communication and solutions.

ALLU has for many years provided an equipment range that has helped businesses across the globe with their material handling, separation and sorting requirements. Even with great global success it has been a challenge to clearly communicate the benefits it delivers to the customers.

During the press conference at Conexpo over 50 members of the International and US press, ALLU was pleased to announce the rebranding of the technology. The branding enforces the real benefits of the ALLU range, and what it actually achieves for ALLU customers. “Through the rebranding ALLU is now sending a clear and concise message that our equipment is able to transform the businesses of our customers and improve the profitability and value addition in their businesses,” says Mr Ola Ulmala, President of ALLU. “We were able to identify that our equipment not only provides solutions that produce higher levels of profitability, but leads to changes that totally transform the way businesses are able to operate. Examples may be ‘waste to value’.” Mr Ulmala concludes.