Godet concasseur ALLU pour criblage de matériaux

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Industry Construction, Industrial Applications, Waste material handling

Application Construction and Demolition.

Function Construction and Demolition



Having to transport waste from a construction site to a waste centre. Increased costs due to transportation and materials.


ALLU Transformer screener bucket is an ideal choice whenever you need to screen, crush, mix, separate, sort, pulverize, or load these materials to the desired fragment size. Reducing the waste to smaller or more uniformed fragment size makes it easier and faster to reuse them. The debris that is generated in construction and demolition sites is bulky and heavy to handle, traditionally increasing your transportation costs and double handling operational costs. ALLU takes these issues away, increasing your operational efficiency. The ALLU recycling bucket sorts materials from actual waste. Doing this, it lowers the transportation and landfill costs, increasing your efficiency and productivity at the work site along with your sustainability credentials. Helping you to increase your organization’s sustainability ALLU enables you to recycle construction and demolition debris in an environmental way. Turning waste material into profit by producing aggregates and reusable materials such as bricks, concrete, metals, wood, cardboard, and bitumen. Bringing your waste to life!


Increased the sustainability of the business, reducing costs and time yet increasing the business profits and efficiency.

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