Concasseur cribleur ALLU sur les industries de l'agriculture et du compostage

Case study 0 ALLU USA Landscaping turning waste into profits!


Material Landscaping

Industry Composting, Landscaping

Application Composting and landscaping


Model ALLU Transformer Series


The customer was left with lots of waste after landscaping jobs, meaning increased visits to the landfill sites and more costs and time.


ALLU screener crusher enables you to reduce and recycle a wide variety of materials, from soil and compost material to manure, silt, and peat regardless of the job site’s location. Composting can be a timely process but with ALLU you can accelerate the composting process by screening, mixing, and aerating it with ALLU Transformer attachment, or use the screening bucket to process manure, green waste, sewage, and sludge to transform it into a valuable soil to be used further.


The customer has increased their sustainability by recycling the waste material into material to sell for gardeners. Saving them time, money and increased profits.

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