Finnish recycler invests in transformer attachment

28 February 2021


The “exciting capabilities” of the Allu range of Transformers have seen Finnish recycling company Remeo invest in a D series attachment. The processing power of the transformer has proven to be particularly effective in dealing with demolition waste and recycling asphalt, says Allu.

The Allu Transformer series comprises an excavator-/loader-/tractor-mounted processing bucket which screens, pulverizes, aerates, blends, mixes, separates, crushes, feeds and loads materials. The feed material can be effectively transformed into highly valuable products, says the firm, making any business more efficient, and more profitable.

Catering for applications of all sizes, and capable of processing any material that can be screened and sorted, the Allu Transformer series comprises of the compact DL & D Series as well as the “truly massive” M and G Series.

The Allu Transformer is said to be ideal for recycling, as well as processing concrete, waste, soil, sand, rocks and minerals. It also aerates, in addition to operations like screening, loading and crushing, all of which can be carried out on site. This “truly mobile” solution provides the versatility and flexibility to enable work to be accomplished more efficiently even in the most challenging environments, says Allu. “And this results in substantial savings in material and transport costs, as no time is lost when waiting for replacement material.”

In the case of Finnish environmental management company Remeo, the processing power of the recently acquired D Series Transformer “has proven to be particularly effective in dealing with demolition waste and recycling asphalt.”


Remeo employs in the region of 350 people, and utilises a specialist fleet of recycling fleet of equipment consisting of over 200 vehicles. With offices located throughout Finland, including Vantaa, Riihimäki, Tampere, Heinola, Lahti, Kotka, Turku, Vaasa, Uusikaupunki, Lappeenranta, Seinäjoki, Vihanta, and Ylivieska, the company’s comprehensive collection network channels waste for recycling to its nine recycling stations. Materials are here recycled and treated in plants before being delivered for appropriate further processing, or for processing as an industrial raw material.

The Allu attachment has enabled Remeo to utilise its existing fleet of excavators and loaders to deal with materials either on site, in the case of demolition waste and road planings, or load screened material directly onto its haulage fleet. As the processing power of the Allu Transformer reduces weight by up to 50% (by screening out valuable materials prior to hauling) this increases the efficiency of its operation, as well as reducing emissions from its haulage fleet.

Remeo processes the waste it receives into valuable products at its nine recycling centres into valuable products that are resold and reused. Any materials that cannot be recycled are much reduced, thereby reducing any landfill costs by up to 80%. This makes Remeo’s investment in Allu Transformers both environmentally friendly, and highly cost effective.