This whistleblowing channel is for reporting experiences or suspicions of wrongdoing by ALLU or activities that do not comply with ALLU’s ethical principles (Code of Conduct). A whistleblowing report can be made by a current or former ALLU employee, job applicant, supplier, customer or business partner.

A report can be made using your own name or anonymously. All reports must be made in good faith. We take all sincere reports seriously. Knowingly making false reports is prohibited and may lead to legal actions.

If possible, we strongly encourage you to first contact the corresponding supervisor at ALLU before making a whistleblowing report.

The whistleblowing channel is not for warranty claims. Warranty claims can be sent to: [email protected]

If you have filed a report and lose your password, please submit a new report referring to your original report. This will continue your report investigation.

Whistleblowing process

Reports are handled confidentially. All data submitted through the system is encrypted and password-protected. Metadata is not stored and IP addresses cannot be traced.

The whistleblowing channel is provided by an external provider, Juuriharja Consulting Group Oy.

When you submit a report, at the end you will receive a password on the screen. Only with the password are you able to log into the system to know the status of the report. Please remember to regularly log in and check if you have received any questions or information. The whistleblower will receive the outcome of the report at the latest three (3) months of the report being received.