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Increased efficiency in screening -crushing of material on location


Screen, Crush, and Recycle Construction & Demolition debris directly on-site with ALLU Crusher bucket.

ALLU Crusher bucket for construction and demolition
ALLU Crusher bucket
ALLU-Crusher-bucket-skid stea-Front-Door-(FD)

The ALLU crushing bucket is a valuable tool for construction and demolition (C&D) applications. It offers efficient material screening and separation, enabling operators to manage construction and demolition waste and optimize resource utilization. ALLU screening bucket excels at separating different materials found in construction and demolition waste, such as concrete, brick, wood, metal, and plastics. It allows for the removal of unwanted materials and the recovery of valuable resources, promoting recycling and waste reduction.

By using the screening bucket on-site, construction and demolition materials can be processed and recycled directly, eliminating the need for off-site transportation and disposal. This reduces costs and environmental impact associated with waste management. The bucket offers interchangeable blades with different hole sizes, allowing operators to customize the screening process based on the desired end product specifications. It provides control over particle size and enables the production of high-quality recycled materials.

By effectively separating and recovering materials from construction and demolition waste, the screening bucket optimizes resource utilization. Valuable materials can be recycled and reused, reducing the need for virgin resources and promoting sustainable construction practices. The on-site processing and recycling capabilities of the screening bucket can result in significant cost savings. It reduces transportation costs, landfill fees, and the need for external processing facilities, providing a more cost-effective waste management solution.

ALLU screening crushing bucket supports environmentally sustainable practices in the construction and demolition industry. By diverting materials from landfills and promoting recycling, it reduces the environmental impact of construction and demolition waste and conserves natural resources.

ALLU Crusher is a mobile jaw crusher which streamlined and wear-resistant body structure sets it apart from the competition. The output size is easy and simple to change, even at the job site, and its jaw moment makes it easy to unclog any possible jams.

ALLU Crushers brings mobility to the job site to crush materials directly where the waste is generated. When attached to the excavator, it transforms your base machine into an efficient crushing plant that can process anything from concrete, asphalt, or bitumen to natural stones. After these materials are processed with the ALLU Crusher, they can be reused as fine base material on road foundations, noise barriers, or parking lots.

ALLU attachments for a wide variety of different applications and industries:

  • Construction job sites
  • Demolition job sites
  • Waste concrete and boulders recycling
  • Highways, Railways, and any civil engineering jobsites
  • Asphalt recycling

Ensure mobile and cost-effective operations with ALLU to remain one step ahead.


We have the perfect solutions for your construction & demolition material recycling needs



Developed for larger processing jobs. Everything from aerating compost, primary on-site screening and processing construction material.
ALLU M screening bucket for mining operations

ALLU Bucket Transformer M Series

Crushing and loading the raw material is completed in one step. This reduces the need of buffer storage areas and material transportation.
ALLU Crusher bucket for construction and demolition

ALLU Crusher Bucket

Crushing attachments designed for excavators from 10 to 33t. The series includes 3 different models, designed to crush a variety of materials on-site.

ALLU Compactor

The versatile and practical design of the ALLU Compactor attachments make them true all-rounders, indispensable on any construction site.

Case Studies

Allu solving problems for Construction & demolition

ALLU Transformer Screener Crusher Processing Construction Waste
ALLU Transformer Screener Crusher Screening and Mixing Construction Waste

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