Pipeline Padding

Increasing your profitability and efficiency with ALLU screening bucket.

Increase your profitability and efficiency in
pipeline projects with ALLU Screening crushing buckets.

ALLU equipment for efficient pipeline padding and backfilling projects.

Here at ALLU, we aim to provide screening bucket as an attachments that make you more profitable and efficient at the job site. By utilizing the ALLU attachments, you can replace multiple machines at the job site.

ALLU transformer screening bucket for pipeline padding
ALLU screening bucket for pipeline padding

The ALLU screening bucket is commonly used in pipeline projects for pipeline padding and backfilling.

Pipeline Padding:
The ALLU screening bucket is used to create a stable and protective layer of material around pipelines. It screens and separates the material, ensuring that only suitable material is used for padding. This helps to protect the pipeline from external forces and maintain its integrity.

The screening bucket is employed in pipeline backfilling operations. It allows for the efficient screening and separation of backfill material, ensuring that the proper particle size distribution is achieved. This helps to ensure proper compaction and stability of the backfilled area.

Material Screening and Handling:
The ALLU screening bucket is used to screen and separate excavated materials during pipeline construction. It helps to remove debris, stones, and other unwanted materials, allowing for the utilization of suitable backfill materials.

Increased Efficiency:
By incorporating the screening bucket into pipeline construction projects, operators can increase efficiency and streamline operations. The bucket eliminates the need for separate screening equipment, reducing the time and effort required for material handling and processing.

Cost Savings:
The use of the ALLU screening bucket in pipeline projects can lead to cost savings. It minimizes the need for external material sourcing, transportation, and disposal, resulting in reduced project costs and improved resource utilization.

Environmental Considerations:
The ALLU screening bucket supports environmentally friendly practices in pipeline construction. It allows for the efficient screening and reuse of excavated materials, reducing the amount of waste generated and promoting sustainable construction practices.

ALLU Transformer hydraulic screener, padding attachments are designed for excavators, wheel loaders, skid steers, tractors, backhoe loaders, and telehandlers to screen, crush, pulverize, aerate, blend, mix, separate, feed, and load materials all in a one-step process.

In the pipeline industry, the proper soil support of the pipe is important to avoid any damages. Every pipeline has its special design and construction considerations which require site-specific specifications to the type of padding and backfilling soil material.

Benefits that you’ll get by utilizing ALLU;

  • No additional equipment at the job site
  • Reduce transport costs since excavated material can be re-used on job site
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Screen all unwanted hard impurities away from the padding material
  • End-product always according to wanted and required fragment size and quality
  • No need for electricity at site
  • Plug-and-play feature
  • High production pipe bedding and padding

One pipeline contractor recently realized 80 percent savings per cubic yard using an ALLU Transformer screener crusher attachment in a pipeline construction project. The ALLU attachment gave them total flexibility and increased productivity, saved natural resources by utilizing the material they already had on-site and gave more production rate to the excavator they had.

ALLU brings you over 35 years of experience in the industry, contact us today and let us help to find the perfect ALLU equipment for your specific material processing needs.


ALLU attachments for pipeline padding and backfilling needs


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