Case study 1 ALLU Transformer Screener Crusher Backfilling Pipeline


Material Soil

Industry Pipeline Padding, Screening

Application Pipeline padding

Function Pipeline padding, Screening

Model ALLU Transformer DSB 3-12 screener crusher with TS 25 blade setup


Pipeline required backfilling and refilling the pipeline with new material would have caused additional costs for the project.


 The excavated material from the pipe trench was screened back to the trench with the ALLU Transformer screener crusher and the original material was used as backfilling. The ALLU Transformer screener bucket was able to screen reusable material for pipeline backfilling, meaning no additional material costs.


By re-using the material on site, there were no need to buy virgin material. ALLU Transformer screener bucket made the job efficient and saved on natural resources. The job site traffic was also minimized due to utilizing the existing material with only one machine.  

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