ALLU Transformer Brand Drives Market Push

26 February 2021

ALLU Group is an innovator and pioneer of the screener crusher bucket concept. A major rebrand of ALLU has helped deliver impressive results for the Finland-based company. The development of the ALLU Transformer brand and strategy was undertaken by U.K.-based industrial marketing agency Armstrong in order to accurately portray the true attributes of the ALLU equipment.

“Our core skill is technical translation of what our customers’ technology actually does. We then use this as a platform to develop a strategy, which forms the basis of communication to a global audience, thereby delivering a single strong brand identity,” commented Armstrong Director Daniel Owen. “ALLU and its customers knew what the equipment was capable of, but the essential message was not getting across. From our research, we identified that the ALLU equipment literally transformed material into something that is valuable,” added Owen.

The new ALLU Transformer brand was at last year’s ConExpo-Con/Agg show in Las Vegas. “It’s obviously too early to tell how successful the Transformer brand will be, but the first signs are way above our expectations, with Las Vegas being the perfect stage for the launch. We are now working on the ALLU brand architecture and associated technology brands, which will strengthen the entire portfolio and reinforce ALLU’s market position,” said Owen.

“The reception from customers and the industry as a whole at the Transformer launch was unprecedented. ALLU is now informing us that they are experiencing real growth with the values and clarity of the Transformer playing a key part.”