Case study 17 ALLU Transformer Screener Crusher Aerating Compost


Material Wet sludge

Industry Aerating, Composting, Crushing, Mixing, Screening

Application Aerating

Function Aerating, Composting, Crushing, Screening, Mixing

Model ALLLU Transformer DS 4-23 screener crusher with XHD60 blades


Wet, lumpy contaminated sludge material was causing delays to the composting process of a Swedish company.


The material was screened, shredded and aerated using an ALLU Transformer screening bucket which enabled composting to be accomplished more quickly, effectively and efficiently.


The entire composting operation is no longer hindered by wet clumps of sludge. The process is now more efficient as all screening, shredding and aerating is done in a one-step operation, making composting and material reuse faster and more effective.   TRANSFORMING YOUR EFFICIENCY.

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