Case study 10 ALLU Transformer Screener Crusher Crushing Field Bark


Material Field bark from logs at a sawmill

Industry Crushing, Industrial Applications, Screening, Waste material handling

Application Crushing

Function Crushing, Screening, Waste material handling, Industrial applications

Model ALLU Transformer DS 4-23 screener crusher with crushing XHD blade setup


Field bark that has gathered at a sawmill’s field from processed logs has become a problem. If it is treated as waste the sawmill will be liable to both transport and landfill costs.


The material is fine screened with an ALLU Transformer screener crusher and then used at a local power plant. The quality is important, as if it is to be used as a power source, the material cannot include stones, metal or any other contaminants.


An ALLU Transformer screener crusher bucket is a one-step process where the crushing of field bark and loading can be done simultaneously. When attached to a wheel loader for instance, both mobility and processing efficiency are maximized.   TRANSFORMING YOUR MACHINES.

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