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ALLU Processor and pressure feeder 7+7 Power mixer for wet and dry Mixing.

ALLU processor and pressure feeder for soil REMEDIATION

The ALLU Pressure Feeder is a specialized attachment designed to work in conjunction with ALLU soil stabilization processors for soil improvement applications. It is used to provide a continuous and controlled supply of binding agents, such as lime, cement, or other additives, during the soil stabilization process. The Pressure Feeder ensures even distribution and thorough mixing of the binder materials with the soil, enhancing the soil’s load-bearing capacity, stability, and other desired properties.

ALLU Pressure Feeder allows for a continuous supply of binder materials, ensuring uninterrupted soil stabilization operations. The feeder enables precise dosing of binder materials, allowing operators to control and adjust the amount of additives added to the soil for optimal results.

ALLU Pressure Feeder integrates with ALLU soil stabilization processors to ensure efficient and effective mixing of binder materials with the soil. It promotes thorough distribution and homogeneity of the mixture. ALLU Pressure Feeder enhances productivity by facilitating a more streamlined and controlled soil stabilization process. It eliminates the need for manual handling of binding agents, reducing labor and saving time.


Bearing capacity improvement of poor-quality soils by mixing, adding binder and stabilizing.

  • Residential areas
  • Dredging and harbour construction
  • Railway and road construction


Purifying or neutralization process by mixing and adding binder or additives to contaminated soil or waste material.

  • Liquid waste lagoons
  • Oil spill and acid tar
  • Contaminated soil


Transforming very soft soil or liquid material into solid form by mixing and adding binder.

  • Temporary roads
  • Mine tailings
  • Excavation work


We have the perfect solutions for Soil improvement

ALLU processor power mixer


The ALLU Processor is a power mixer attachment for a conventional excavator. This attachment converts the excavator into a powerful and versatile mixing tool capable of penetrating and effectively mixing a variety of difficult materials – everything from clay, silt, peat, sludge and sediment, to dredged material and contaminated soil.

ALLU Pressure feeder

Pressure Feeder

High capacity, tracked, intelligent feeding units for dry binders. The computer-controlled binder feed prevents any unnecessary amount of binder to be feed.

ALLU pressure feeder complete system

Complete system

With this machinery, you’ll be able to harden soft soil by adding binder to the ground. In addition to this the equipment works perfectly for processing and encapsulating contaminated materials.

Case Studies

Allu solving problems for Soil Improvement

ALLU Soil Improvement System Stabilising Evacuation Road Foundation
ALLU Soil Improvement System Stabilising Railway Foundation

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